If you’re a small business, it can be difficult to decide where you need to spend your money, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising. There are various options, from more traditional billboards and print advertising to social media and other online ads.

It’s a common misconception that car wraps for businesses are more suitable for larger companies. Custom car wraps, van wraps, or truck wraps are actually a great option for small businesses. Here’s why.

1. Reach more people for less money

If you or your staff members drive a lot, then fleet wraps are a solid investment for your business. Wrapping a single car typically costs around $1,500 – $3,000 and can last up to a whopping five years. Think about how much buying billboard space costs in Los Angeles, anywhere from $2,000 up to $15,000—and that’s usually just for one month! Additionally, buying billboard advertising means only the people driving or walking up that particular street will see your ad, which limits your coverage greatly.

Advertising via vehicle graphics means getting more exposure at a fraction of the cost. Just think of how many cars, pedestrians, and cyclists you’ll pass as you drive all around LA. Especially if you’re stuck in traffic on the 405, those Los Angeles commuters will be sure to see your stylish car wrap.

2. It’s a long term advertising strategy

As mentioned already, vehicle graphics, whether you’re buying car wraps, bus wraps, or truck wraps, can last up to five years as long as they’re looked after well. That means you could be paying as little as $1,500 for five years’ worth of advertising! In Los Angeles, that’s an absolute steal.

3. You’re less likely to annoy potential customers

Unlike traditional forms of marketing and advertising, like radio, TV, or print advertising, your car wrap isn’t as aggressive and doesn’t interrupt someone’s listening, reading, or watching. We all know how annoying radio commercials can be when we’re stuck in traffic, or how frustrating an ad is during our favorite show. People generally use this time to change the channel or use the restroom. However, fleet wraps aren’t interrupting anyone’s activity, so people are more likely to pay attention and less likely to be irritated by your brand.

For more information about custom car wraps and vehicle graphics, contact us at Car Wraps today.

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