First impressions are paramount, especially when marketing a brand. Car wraps for sales, service, and delivery vehicles are not just memorable but very powerful branding and marketing tools. Designing a wrap ad requires keen consideration to aesthetic as well as technical aspects, but can reap huge rewards for your business. Some of the advantages of advertising your business using vehicle graphics are outlined below:

They run continuously

Radio, television and billboard ads have short life spans. A video ad may be a few seconds long, while a billboard may run for a few weeks. With car, van and truck wraps, your brand remains exposed to new customers for as long as you use your vehicle.

Commands attention

Vehicle wraps are a new form of marketing and have a high likelihood of attracting the attention of your target audience. A wrap with a distinct logo is easily visible to the public, and your target audience will soon begin to associate your business with a strong identity and creativity.

Non-aggressive advertising

The only thing that you’re required to do with this kind of advertising is to drive your vehicle around. It won’t intrude into people’s lives like annoying pop-up ads or mailshots. Car wraps continue to work for you even as you go about your daily chores, even when parked.


Vehicle wraps, unlike billboards and other advertisements, do not incur consistent recurring costs since you own the advertising space. Instead, you make one payment and enjoy the continued exposure. Of course, you can keep them the same or change them as often as you wish.

Instant visibility

Unlike television commercials or newspaper ads that must abide by set schedules, car wraps travel into the view of potential clients wherever they are. Without intrusion, you’re able to reach out to customers who are living and working in the same areas in which your van operates. Instant mobile exposure has endless possibilities.

Local advertising

Van wraps are key in advertising to your local market. The people who will see your truck wraps are the very ones in your locality, ideal if you have a new business you want to promote. Besides increasing your brand recognition, this form of advertising increases your sales as well. To find out more, contact us at CarWraps.com today.