It’s no secret that vehicle wrap advertising can help small and large businesses reach wider audiences in the local community. Vehicle wraps capture not only the attention of potential customers but also spark interest in uninterested customers.

Therefore, with a car wrap, you’re guaranteed exposure wherever you go as long as you have the right design and CTA (call to action). Unfortunately, using vehicle wraps to bring in sales is not a walk in the park. Some mistakes can tarnish your brand and affect your exposure, decreasing your sales.

If your car wraps aren’t as effective as you imagined, here’s why.

1. They’re low-quality

Consumers are constantly looking for brands that focus on quality as they are more likely to offer quality products/services. Therefore, if your car wrap is low-quality and looks like a low-budget production, it can turn away potential customers.

A low-quality car wrap can be anything from using cheap wraps that peel off over time to a poor design. Luckily, you can avoid this by hiring a professional car wrap company to handle your vehicle graphics. They have the experience and knowledge required to create high-quality and visually appealing car wraps to attract consumers.

2. You cut corners

When it comes to car wrap installation and design, many businesses cut corners to save money. For instance, instead of getting a professional to install the car wrap, some brands attempt to install the vehicle wrap, resulting in air bubbles. These affect the visual appearance of your car wrap, pushing away potential customers.

Alternatively, some entrepreneurs attempt to design their car wrap’s graphics themselves. Since they have no experience, they use the wrong text color, font, and images, affecting visibility and readability, especially when the vehicle is on the move.

3. You don’t have a compelling CTA

The only way to get prospects to take action is by including a compelling CTA on your car wrap. If your CTA isn’t clear or causes confusion, you end up losing more customers. So, be direct with your CTA and include your contact information to make it easier for customers to reach you.

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