These are a couple of the most important questions when considering how you might spend your advertising or promotional budget. Let’s look at both in detail:

How many people do you wish to see your message?

The glib answer to this is: as many as possible. However, it isn’t that simple. The real answer would be: as many of the right kind of people as possible. These are your potential customers, or perhaps those who might recommend your products or services to potential customers.

In terms of using vehicle wraps, one key delivery advantage of this form of advertising in reaching these people is geographical. Your company vehicles, from cars and vans, to trucks and buses, are right there in the places where you are commercially active and specifically want to be seen.

This might cover quite a tight area, if you provide services in a small town or specific Los Angeles or other city suburbs. Equally, your operation might be right across the state, or even nationwide.

How often do you wish your message to be seen?

Again, as often as possible is the obvious answer. This time, it’s the simple truth. Increasing the frequency with which potential customers view your advertising or promotional message helps solidify both your company name and the products or services you provide in the mind of those who repeatedly see it.

This is where vehicle wraps are so much more effective than, for example, ‘once seen and often forgotten’ print adverts. If you provide a service, then seeing you professionally delivering it in the area where they live or work, makes it much more likely that your company will spring into a person’s mind whenever they need that exact service.

Adding a third key question

With the numbers and frequency clear in your mind, the third question would be: what message do I wish to deliver? Obviously, it should clearly identify your business; but at the same time, it’s great if you can add a key benefit or reason for using you.

This is one area our innovative Car Wraps creative team are always happy to work through with our clients, identifying the key messages and then presenting them in a powerful way that positively reflects on each business.