It’s no secret that almost all industries are saturated with numerous brands offering the same services and products. Unfortunately, standing out in such a market can be challenging and expensive. For instance, you may have to spend millions on billboards and TV ads to reach out to your target audience and stay ahead of your competition. However, did you know there’s a cheaper way to stand out from your competitors? With car wraps, you can promote and market your brand each year without having to break your bank. Vehicle graphics are quickly becoming an affordable method to advertise as they’re effective, reliable, and generate leads and conversions.

Adding value

Car wraps offer a five-dimensional design, which you can’t get with any other type of advertising. This makes it possible to present a five-dimensional advertisement in the following form:

1. Front: Adding a vehicle graphic to the front of your car increases your visibility from all angles.
2. Left side: Great for vehicles on the move or park a lot, making them visible to passersby, e.g., food trucks.
3. Right side: Similar to left side vehicle graphics.
4. Roof: This maximizes attraction to your target audience, persuading them to take action.
5. Rear: Highly effective for vehicles that spend hours in traffic, ensuring potential consumers can spot your brand.

Of course, you don’t have to place your car wrap on all the five parts mentioned above. However, it’s wise to ensure your rear, left, and right sides are covered to maximize your visibility.

Vehicle graphics as creative advertising

Nothing is more efficient than creative advertising as it lasts long, is memorable, and works with less media spending. Car wraps fall under creative advertising because research shows that 97% of individuals can recall truck ads as opposed to TV ads.

With proper care and maintenance, a car wrap can last four to ten years, and a replacement isn’t expensive. Lastly, when compared to other forms of media ads, car wraps cost the least and yield more impressions per dollar, especially for local brands.

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