Car wraps have become popular over the last decade as a way to promote and advertise both small and large businesses. This is because they are not only affordable, but they place your products and services right in front of your consumers.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that their car wraps are only as effective as their condition. For instance, an old car wrap with scratches and rust can tint your brand’s image, affecting your conversions and leads. Hence, don’t forgo your vehicle’s wrap replacement in a bid to save money.

You may be losing more customers because your old vehicle graphics show them you can’t address their needs or protect their interests. The best way to create a good first impression on your consumers is by replacing your vehicle graphics once its lifespan is up.

Most car wraps have a standard lifespan of five to eight years, but this depends on numerous factors such as:

• How well you take care of your vehicle wrap
• The frequency of your car wrap’s washes
• The climate in your region

So, why should you replace your car wrap now?

1. To save money

Since car wraps protect your vehicle’s paint from damage and long term exposure to light, replacing them ensures you don’t spend money repainting or repairing the damage caused to your vehicle. Besides, car wraps are very affordable, and getting a new vinyl wrap increases your vehicle’s functionality and longevity.

2. To reach more audiences

As mentioned earlier, your vehicle wrap’s condition can make or break your brand. If you replace your old car wrap now, you’re more likely to reach potential customers as it reflects positively on your brand. Additionally, with a new car wrap, you can add better images, text, and calls to action (CTAs), which persuade customers to act.

3. To get rid of stains, scratches, and fading

Once your car wrap develops stains and scratches, replacing it is vital to maintain its condition. There’s no way around eliminating signs of fading and stains other than getting a replacement.

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