Bus Wraps

No Billboard Space? No Problem.

Turn buses into rent-free mobile advertising machines to promote any business, event, or brand.

Size Matters

Bus wraps offer a great outdoor marketing opportunity due to their size and the frequency of which buses are driven – and seen.

Get Noticed

Statistics say that 96% notice ads on vehicles. Get yourself a dynamic and cost-effective method of marketing your brand.

Side or Tail

Bus side banners and bus tail graphics are two of the most common and cost effective alternative to full bus wraps.


Short Term Campaigns

The nature of the graphic films used for bus wraps enables advertisers to change their promotions anytime efficiently and cost effectively. So whether it’s an upcoming event you are promoting or would like to dress up a bus fleet in your corporate livery, there’s nothing stopping you.

Long Term Campaigns

We can also make use of a durable and lightweight frame system that features 3M Dual Lock technology, which means no drilling will be done to the bus body. The frame, applied to the side or tail of the bus, houses a non-adhesive banner, allowing you to change the graphics as often as you like.





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