10 reasons why car wraps are better than paint jobs

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Hello, fellow car enthusiasts! Thinking about giving your car a new look ? Before you head to the paint shop, have you considered car wraps? If you’re trying to decide between a car wrap and a new paint job, consider these ten advantages:

1. Introduction

For the sake of clarity, let’s start with some definitions. Wrapping a vehicle in a huge piece of vinyl completely alters its outward appearance. Paint jobs, on the other hand, entail altering a vehicle’s appearance via the application of paint. This article will discuss the benefits of using vehicle coverings.

2. Better Quality

Wrapping a vehicle in vinyl results in a more polished appearance than painting it. As wraps are printed digitally, even detailed designs may be reproduced accurately. Vinyl covers offer a variety of surfaces like glossy or matte that can make your car look like it just rolled off the lot. When painting, however, flaws like bubbles and streaks and other imperfections can occur.

3. Lower Costs

Wrapping a car in vinyl is also less expensive than painting it. Wraps are typically more cost-effective than a new paint job, though this might vary depending on the size of the vehicle and the complexity of the design. Also, the wrap may be removed without much effort, which can lead to further cost savings down the road.

4. More Design Options

Wrapping an automobile allows you far more creative freedom in terms of design and textures. Many different surfaces, coatings, graphics and hues are available. Put in your own logo or we can help design one if you like. The opposite is true of paint jobs, which are restricted to paint colors or basic designs.

5. Higher Vehicle Resale Value

The added visual appeal of a vehicle wrapped in promotional material can help boost its resale price. Wrapping your car is a good way to preserve the value of the original paint job. You can take off the wrap and show off your car’s original paint job if you ever decide to sell it.

6. Faster Turn-around

It takes a less time to apply a car wrap than it would to paint a vehicle. A wrap can be installed in a matter of hours (considering the designs have been printed if the film is printed), while a paint job can take several days. Your automobile will be out of commission for a shorter period of time, giving you more time to enjoy your whip’s new look.

7. Car Wraps Can Last Longer

Car wraps are designed to last for years. With proper maintenance, a wrap can last up to 5 years or more (The films come with 3-5 year warranties). Paint jobs, on the other hand, can fade or chip over time, especially if you don’t take care of them.

8. Easier Color and Design Swapping

A car wrap is a simple and quick way to alter the look of your vehicle whenever you choose. The wrapping may be changed out by simply peeling off the previous one and replacing it with a new color or design. In order to apply a new coat of paint, the old one must be sanded down first and all that jazz.

9. Simpler Maintenance

Wrapping an automobile is considerably easier to care for than painting one. It’s as easy to maintain as your car’s factory paint, requiring only soap and water for cleaning. In contrast, paint projects may need more specific upkeep to prevent fading and peeling. Another plus is that a damaged panel can be replaced or reprinted to match your design.

10. UV Resistance

Most car wrap vinyl films have baked on UV resistance keeping your colors and designs looking great for years. One of the main enemies of paint is UV exposure which all of our cars get.+

Final Thoughts

Car wraps, in conclusion, are a great alternative to paint jobs(Of course , we’re biased, we still love the car paint guys and the skill and expertise they bring but we believe in our service.)

They offer better quality, more design options, higher resale value, faster installation, longer lifespan, easier color and design swapping, and simpler maintenance. Plus, they’re more cost-effective. So, next time you’re thinking about giving your car a new look, consider a car wrap from the best shop in Los Angeles — CARWRAPS.COM!

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