How It Works

Design Matters

Creating a visually-appealing car wrap design is our specialty. We have a great deal of experience in creating designs for vehicles of all types, sizes, and shapes.

At Car Wraps, we don’t just print out a logo and slap it on your vehicle. Our design experts take into consideration the size and body type of the car, and with partial wraps, even the color.

Some designs look better on certain vehicle types than others, and believe us when we say we know what kind of design will work on your vehicle. Our design templates serve as guides to help clients see that a car wrap design takes on a completely new look when it is incorporated into a particular vehicle body type. When it comes to designing vehicle wraps, we give a lot of thought to both form and function to come up with a wrap that will surely turn heads.

Design Customization

Form and Function


Yours or Ours

The design of your car wrap can be completely up to you, especially if you already have a car wrap design mocked up and just need to print it out and applied on your car or company fleet vehicles. Don’t have a design in mind? Never fear—we can assist you from conceptualization to completion. Our team of highly-qualified and creative graphic artists can help bring your ideas to reality.


Branding Precision

At Car Wraps, we take the process of designing vehicle wraps very seriously. We work closely with our clients every step of the way to make sure that the message expressed in the design is an appropriate and accurate reflection of the brand, product, service, or person. Any existing artwork or design element can be seamlessly incorporated in your custom vehicle wrap design. We can even match the colors of the wrap with those of your company branding precisely so you obtain a consistent presentation for all of your promotional materials.


Review and Validation

We’ll show you previews of what the finished vehicle will look like so you can give us feedback on the car wrap design. You can review the final proofs and mockups and even make some last-minute changes before giving us the go signal to send the project to print.

Updating Designs

Easy to Change

One of the best things about using vehicle wraps is that they’re very easy to change, unlike a paint job. With car wraps, if you rebrand or get tired of a design, you can simply remove the wrap and update it with a new one. We’ll be glad to help you achieve greater brand recognition through a creative and impressive car wrap design.

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