In recent years, truck wraps have become popular in promoting and marketing startups and local brands, such as food trucks and mobile restaurants. Food truck graphics not only showcase your delicacies to customers, but also assures people that they have arrived at the right destination for food.

However, if you’re new to the food truck business, you can make costly mistakes with your vehicle graphics, affecting your truck’s visibility. Luckily, there are three types of wraps you can adopt for your food truck to make your brand’s existence appealing and outstanding.

These include:

1. Food truck left and right wraps

You can place food truck wraps anywhere on your food truck’s surface as long as it’s visible to your target audience. For instance, the left and right sides of your food truck are ideal spots for your wrap’s placement.

This is because they have the largest surface area and can clearly feature your food truck’s brand and offerings. However, simply because you have a large surface area doesn’t mean you should include everything on it. Instead, focus on your food offerings, Call to Actions, slogan, and contact information.

2. Food truck window graphics

All food trucks and mobile restaurants have a service window for sale and services. If you want to attract your customers, place your truck wraps on these windows. It’s wise to include your business menu on this wrap so that your consumers can choose from it and place their order.

You can also include your signature dishes and their images to inform customers what they should expect when they order. Remember, visuals are more effective in generating curiosity among your target audience than text.

3. Food truck rear graphics

Your food truck needs to be visible at all angles, especially when it’s on the move. Therefore, you should add a car wrap on your truck’s rear to reinforce your brand. This way, when driving in traffic, the cars behind you can see what you offer.

Also, according to studies, drivers think about food when driving. Therefore, installing food truck rear graphics is more likely to generate leads for your business.

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