Bus wraps are some of the best ways to advertise, whether you’re a brand, a business, or a charity. However, if you don’t have the right vehicle graphics set up, you can struggle to make any real impact on passersby. Read on to learn more about how to design bus wraps and draw motorists and pedestrians alike to your company.

Use color uniquely

While most colors draw the eye, they won’t always stand out. For example, bright colors are all well and good, but they’re common so won’t catch your audience’s attention. By innovating with colors, such as using pastel colors or a monochrome matte finish, you’re more likely to hold people’s gaze as they work out what exactly your wrap is for. A moment of attention isn’t worth much, whilst grabbing the curiosity of passersby can be extremely valuable to a successful advertising campaign.

Short, simple slogans

The amount of time the average motorist has to look at the side of a bus is extremely limited, although this can increase if you’ve come to a standstill or you’re stuck in a traffic jam. This means that you don’t have long to get your message across to readers.

In this case, following the typical politician’s route is ideal. If you can condense your message down to a simple three or four-word summary, you can get your message across in a memorable manner that people won’t be able to get out of their heads. Think “Make America Great Again” and “Build Back Better”. Get the root of an idea in a customer’s head and you can rely on them coming back for more.

Use professional services

For many advertisers, a bus slogan might be the first time a particular potential buyer has seen anything about a brand. This means that the quality of your wrap needs to be up to scratch and looking as professional as possible, and the design itself needs to be good. First impressions count in the world of business, and using professional services can make your first impression as good as possible.

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