Like all companies, we are proud of the service we deliver in creating powerful and striking vehicle wraps. But the real key to success is in understanding our clients. So, when we talk to them, whether repeat users or first-timers, here are some of the key points they make…

Wrapped vehicles retain more value

A car wrap actually helps protect the vehicle’s factory paint job, which is vital when a company is using leased vehicles. Also, car wraps don’t invalidate the warranty like painting might.

Helps prevent costly repaints

Even where these are possible, clients have told us that a vehicle wrap comes out at about half the cost of a paint job. This is bad enough for a single vehicle, but it’s a lot of cash for those with fleets!

Avoids accidental damage costs

If a painted truck suffers some scratches or minor accidental damage, then it can be time-consuming and costly to achieve a paint match and then schedule the work. Wraps help protect the surface, avoiding such minor troubles in the first place. In fact, adding a vehicle wrap can help mask previous damage!

Complete paint jobs are not always necessary

While a partially-painted vehicle wouldn’t be great for business, our vinyl wraps have been added to just the roof or hood on some occasions to great effect. Other clients have even had lone stripes added to increase their visibility.

Good ideas for great promotion

With so many advantages, isn’t it time to think about wrapping your business vehicles? It offers true mobile advertising, seen by potential customers where you do business. This might be across Los Angeles, state or nationwide, or in key local neighborhoods. Wherever you are operating, your vehicle graphics are being noticed.

Unlike many forms of advertising and promotion, a single upfront cost pays for constant exposure for as long as you want. This is much simpler than having to constantly produce print ads or regular fliers!

If the idea of vehicle wraps is new to you, our experienced team can help with the design, execution and maintenance, which is another worry off your busy shoulders! Contact us now, obligation-free of course, to find out more.