Businesses are always looking for new ways to get their name out there and draw hordes of new customers through their doors or to their website. And in reality, many of the tried and true strategies bring many unique benefits to the table. But when it comes to standing out it takes a little something extra, an ability to think outside of the box, and go beyond the billboard. Take a look at a few of the best ways to advertise your business, and learn how a professionally made car wrap beats all of them.


If you are going for size, there isn’t much that is going to beat a billboard. Billboards succeed by tapping into potential buyers when they are most in need of stimulation — during long drives on the highway — and take advantage of these drivers’ willingness to look at anything that seems interesting. Their major disadvantages, however, are obvious: motorists don’t always have the ability to take their eyes off the road, and they only have the ability to reach audiences that travel to certain areas. Car wraps solve both of these problems by creating mobile billboards.

Web ads

Web ads are great because they can be seen anytime, anywhere, while on the go. Grabbing people’s attention through their mobile devices, tablets, and laptops is genius since it saves money on real estate space, either on a physical billboard or in a print publication. The downside of them though is that many people are resorting to adblockers, or at least have learned to mentally tune-out web ads to the point that they don’t see them anymore. Car, truck, or van wraps are great since there aren’t yet any adblockers that work in the real world!

Social media

What is the best way to get people’s attention? Try talking to them when they are looking for social interaction anyway. Social media is great for advertisers because it allows them to mingle with potential customers and their social groups, just like they are part of the party. The bad news for social media marketing though is that it is limited to those who spend a ton of time on Facebook or Twitter, and leaves out a huge group of others. Car wraps don’t discriminate.