Marketing your business, whether large or small, is vital to increasing brand awareness, generating sales, and building customer loyalty. Additionally, it earns your company a positive reputation. That’s why many business owners opt for car wrap advertising as it has a significant impact on their target audiences.

However, to be effective, your vehicle graphics need to feature an eye-catching design that sparks curiosity and motivates customers to take action. Here are three design tips for your vehicle graphics and font that can help you maximize your reach and impact.

1. Keep it legible and readable

When your vehicle speeds past others on the highway, you’ll want your business name to be easy to read to other drivers or pedestrians. So, it’s wise to consider the readability and legibility of your vehicle graphics and lettering.

Generally, legibility is how well the characters in each word are defined, while readability is how the text blocks and words are arranged on your car wrap. To increase readability, ensure your letters are large, thick, and spaced out enough for anyone to read at a glance.

Alternatively, it’s wise to use san serif typefaces for finer details such as your address to increase legibility.

2. Consider your audience

Who is your target audience? Answering this question can help you determine the type of vehicle graphic design you’ll use to capture their attention. For instance, if you’re a pet grooming company, using paw prints to dot your “I”s reminds your target audience of their furry puppies at home.

Therefore, before designing your car wrap, identify your audience’s age, interests, personalities, income, and education. This way, you can pick the right typeface, font, and graphics for them.

3. Establish a hierarchy

Many first-time car wrap users throw around several graphics and information on their wraps, hoping to attract their target audiences. Unfortunately, this results in confusion as the reader doesn’t know what information is vital.

The best way to organize your vehicle graphics is in a hierarchy. Start with writing the main information in large fonts and more prominent characters, then move to details positioned in thinner or smaller letters, creating a visual hierarchy.

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