Fleet wraps are a highly effective way of advertising your business in a local region. Cars with advertising often get as much, if not more, exposure than traditional forms of advertising. But, just because you advertise on a car wrap, doesn’t mean it will bring you success. To have an effective fleet wrap ad campaign, there are a few essentials to check off when designing your ad.

1. A design that sticks with your branding

Like any ad, you want people to associate your car wrap with your business. If the color scheme, logo, text font, and overall style of the wrap design doesn’t match your other branding, website or physical store, people won’t as easily associate it with you. The same idea goes for different wraps. You could have a couple different designs for car wraps (especially if you plan on putting wraps on cars or vans of varying sizes), but they should match in style and color to ensure people can easily associate them with your business.

2. Contact details and call to action

Any ad is useless without a way for people to learn more about your product or business. Equally problematic are ads with no call to action. Do you want people to visit your site to learn more? Call to place an order? Schedule a consultation? Your fleet wrap should give people an easy way to contact you or find out more, and that information should be placed in a very visible spot. It’s usually best to include some contact info near the bumper, since cars tend to get stuck behind other cars in heavy traffic, which will make it easier for them to read anything on your bumper. Near that contact info should be your call to action.

3. A strong message or slogan

People don’t have a lot of time to read something on a vehicle, search the web for it or write anything down, especially when driving, so make sure your slogan or message is catchy, concise and memorable. That way, even if they don’t remember anything else from the ad, they can at least look the slogan up later.

If you want to find out more about how car wraps can help advertise your business, be sure to give us a call. We help with every step of the process: consultation, design, and installation. We’ll ensure you have all the essentials for the more effective campaign.