Car and van wraps are an excellent tool to add to your marketing toolbox, but you need to avoid the big, obvious mistakes which plague their usage. If you’re familiar with other forms of outdoor advertising, you’re probably already on the right track — but just in case, read through this list. You might find something surprising!

1) Poor viewing angles

An advertisement on your car wrap that’s only really visible from a certain limited set of angles isn’t going to do you a lot of good. Not only will people not have much opportunity to see it under normal conditions (when they’re driving past or being driven past), they’ll only get a partial impact at best if they do look. And really, you don’t want people being vaguely put off by an ad because they couldn’t read it or see it correctly, or driving weirdly around your vehicles because they’re trying to get a better view (although that would indicate a very interesting ad design).

2) Putting too much in one ad

You have a big canvas, even with a small vehicle. Fill it up with very large text and very few graphics. You simply can’t expect someone to read and remember a busy vehicle wrap under normal circumstances. If your vehicles start looking like the back of a box of children’s breakfast cereal, it’s time to rein things in and get back to basics.

3) Lack of a hook or impact point

Something should pop on your vehicle. A gigantic crystal-clear shot of a delicious food product, a big fun logo, or a headline that breaks away from cliché and thus breaks through the field of apathy that surrounds people in the modern era of marketing hyper-saturation. Make it worth giving your vehicles a second look, and you’ll go far. Make it easy to glance past them without giving anything you see a second thought, and that’s exactly what people will do.

Avoiding these three mistakes won’t guarantee success with your wraps, of course. You’ll need to think carefully and build a marketing campaign that works for your audience and goals. But in avoiding these three, you can at the very least be sure you’re not throwing money away due to a minor misstep.