Vehicle wraps are a great marketing tool for businesses, organizations, nonprofits and more. But if you are running for political office, you should consider using them as a way to promote your campaign and ideas, get your name out to the public and advertise. In today’s ever-changing digital world, most political campaigns have shifted their advertising over to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But traditional forms of advertising are still key to a successful campaign — and a vehicle wrap may be the way to go. Here are three reasons why vehicle wraps are effective for political campaigns.

1. Name recognition

Whether you are an established politician, community figure or someone running for office for the first time, getting your name out to the public is extremely important. A vehicle wrap ensures just that. By designing and having a vehicle wrap created that features your name, picture and campaign slogan, you’ll be able to drive around the district you are running in and promote yourself. Having multiple car wraps designed and created is another good idea because you can have your campaign staff, family or friends drive around with them too.

2. Affordable

Big social media ad spends and advertising in a local or national newspaper can be expensive. And, once you’re budget runs out, your advertisement doesn’t run anymore. However, a car wrap is an advertisement that lasts forever, so from the day you purchase your wrap to the end of your campaign, you’ll have a standing advertisement. In addition, car wraps are affordable and they will end up paying for themselves with the amount of donations that come in from people seeing them. Just remember to make sure your design is eye-catching and that a professional looks at the design before you print it. You don’t want the design to not fit the vehicle.

3. Get out the vote

On the days leading up to, as well as the day of, election day, a car wrap can greatly influence people to get out and vote. The goal on election day is to remind people to vote and having cars driving around your district with personalized campaign car wraps can remind a lot of people.

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