So, you’ve got your car wrap installed. What next? Do you need to clean it regularly? The answer to this is yes, but unfortunately, most car owners assume that car wraps don’t need regular maintenance.

However, your wrap needs proper care to prevent bubbles, stop dirt and dust buildup, and to maintain its vibrant color.

Your vehicle will get dirty whether it’s always on the move or is parked in front of your store. And, having a dirty car wrap can have unwanted consequences on your brand. These include:

1. Your marketing becomes ineffective

Car wraps are an affordable way to advertise your brand, but when dirt covers your vehicle graphics, your marketing becomes ineffective. Additionally, dirt can adversely affect the impression created by your car wrap.

For instance, dirt can make a vibrant logo appear dull and boring to look at, costing you potential and current customers who no longer have an interest in what you have to offer. Instead of creating a good first impression, your car wrap will be tarnishing your brand.

2. More effort will be required to clean your car

The longer you wait to wash your vehicle graphics, the harder they will be to clean. Over time, dirt builds up on your wrap, creating contaminants that harden on your car’s surface. To reduce the time and effort required to clean your fleet wraps, have your car cleaned at least once a week.

You can ask your car wrap professional how often your wrap needs cleaning to maintain its appearance.

3. Shortens the life span of your car wrap

Although car wraps are durable, they aren’t indestructible. Dirt and dust particles that build up over time can scratch your wrap’s surface, affecting its appearance. Therefore, you may end up replacing your vehicle wrap sooner than you intended, which can be expensive.

Luckily, you can increase your car wrap’s lifespan by cleaning it to get rid of dirt and dust particles. However, don’t use abrasive detergents or hard clothes when cleaning as they can cause scratches.

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