Using car wraps to advertise your company is one of the best ways to get the word out about the goods or services you have to offer. Unlike stationary billboards that only provide limited geographic news about your company, car wraps tell everyone that your car passes about your business.

There is certainly much to love about car wrap advertising. You should, however, use the marketing tool strategically to get the most out of it. Here are four elements of advertising to consider when ordering the car wrap that you want to represent your company.

1. Colors matter

There is a reason why red is often used to compel consumers to purchase a product. The vibrant color induces excitement in the brain, which draws the buyer into what the seller is offering. Blue is often associated with competence, which essentially strokes the buyer’s ego. Combining red and blue, then, ultimately tells the consumer that he is an intellectual who knows how to take advantage of a good deal.

2. Aggression is important

Passivity does not go far in the advertising world. Your car wrap should make customers want to explore your goods or services. It may not be a bad idea to include slogans that tell the buyer about limited specials so as to compel them to check out what you’re selling.

3. Use the power of assumption

There is no need to declare your product as the best in your car wrap advertisement. You can, instead, let consumers come to the conclusion that your company is the best for the job by displaying a snippet of your expertise and giving them the option to call to learn more. Delivering your knowledge in question form is a great way to encourage engagement (i.e., “Did you know…?”).

4. Tug on those emotions

You do not have the benefit of music to toggle with people’s emotions. Your car wrap, then, should display powerful words that cause buyers to think and act off of pure emotion. The family unit is the best way to get into the emotional sphere of consumers. Parents love their children and vice versa.

No matter what type of car wrap you choose, it is important to use all of the marketing tools available to drive the point of your advertising campaign home. The above tips can help you reach more customers.