Captivating a bigger audience on a reasonable budget is a challenge. Vehicle wraps to the rescue! They cost less than most other advertising paths and they truly leave an impression on target markets. Consider these four reasons wraps are so powerful.

1. Mobile Gets Noticed

Whether potential customers are stuck in traffic, walking across a sidewalk, or cruising down the road, wraps are directly in their line of vision. Your company’s logo, name, slogan, and contact information is put into their consciousness and often stays on their mind. One study done by Perception Research found that mobile advertising like this succeeds in getting 2.5 times the attention of static (billboard) advertising. That’s big.

2. Brand Recognition Works

Repeated or intense exposure to logos and brands stays in the subconscious of those who see them. The effective exposure of car and vehicle wraps strengthens identity to help the company truly stand out among competitors. The psychology proves that the more the public sees familiar brands, the more likely they are to purchase those products and services.

3. Supports Other Efforts

Successful businesses look at their array of marketing efforts as a team. They should all work together to produce results, and may even depend on one another to bolster effectiveness. Although vehicle wraps are certainly strong advertisers on their own, they have proven even more useful when used with other elements in a campaign. For example, if there is a big promotion or event happening, pairing wraps with other strategies like email blasts and store posters can have a surprisingly great outcome.

4. Gets Them Talking

When friends, co-workers, family members, and other fellow travelers see a vehicle wrap, more often than not they mention it. “Hey, look at that van with the huge shoe store ad! I have some tennis shoes from that place and I love them.” A conversation ensues, and not only has the visual image of the store’s branding been cemented in the viewers’ minds, but the discussion about that business and those products has reinforced impressions. It’s a very strong marketing effect.

When considering mobile advertising for any type of vehicle, get in touch with the experienced team at Car Wraps and we can help you decide on designs and strategies. It’s an exciting pursuit every time.

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