It’s quite surprising that despite the numerous advertising benefits that car wraps offer, few business enterprises take the initiative to clean and manage their car wraps.

Taking care of your car wrap not only provides your vehicle with an aesthetic and cool look but does a better job of promoting your business.

This is particularly true in high elevation areas with lots of moisture, and congested urban areas with plenty of pollutants.

Let us look at four effective methods you can use to care for your car wraps.

1. Handwash your vehicle

When washing your car, always go the traditional way, washing by hand using water, mild detergent and a soft cloth or sponge. The detergent should be free from abrasive elements, free from alcohol and solvents and have a pH balance of between 3 and 11.

Alternatively, if you’re not the DIY type, you can take your car through an automatic car wash with just a spray wash. The automated car washes with brushes should be an absolute no. These brushes might scratch or catch the edges of the decals, tearing the whole fabric.

2. Avoid washing or rubbing your car wrap on hot days

While washing your vehicle is highly recommended, you should not do so when the weather is hot. See, the difference in temperature between the exterior of the car wrap and the car surface might cause warping, which may distort the whole fabric.

It’s recommended that you wash your car wraps either early in the morning or late evening when the weather is cool.

3. Always keep your car away from direct sunlight

UV rays have a tremendous negative effect on the surface, paint and surface waxing, let alone the decal.

Aside from fading your car wraps, exposure to direct UV rays can compromise on the whole wrapping entity, thereby making the wraps more susceptible to pulling out, if slightly rubbed or scratched.

Therefore, it’s always advisable to park your car under the shade or use shade/sunlight covers to protect your vehicle.

4. Use a high-quality wrap

Ultimately, the build or rather quality of your wrap plays a vital role in determining how your car wraps measure up against the environmental extremities.

Always go with premium car wraps which have a reputable history. Also, select car wraps that are in tandem with the environmental conditions and climate experienced in your area.

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