If you have promotional car wraps for your company’s cars or trucks (or your personal vehicle if you don’t have a fleet of vehicles), you’ll need to make sure that your vehicles are always properly maintained. A car that’s dirty or poorly maintained will not send the message that you want to. Here’s what you need to know about maintaining a car in a way that will make your vehicle wrap as effective as possible:

1. Keep both the interior and exterior of your car clean

Even though many people won’t see the interior of your car very well, it still can impact the impression that you send with your vehicle wrap. The interior of your vehicle will be seen by potential customers when they get close to your windows, which means that you need to keep fast food wrappers and other forms of debris out of your car.

Also, make sure that you regularly wash your car and vacuum the seats and mats. This is especially important if your company’s car or truck will be at events where people are likely to get close to the vehicle.

2. Keep your vehicle rust-free

Rust can cause serious damage to your vehicle, which will make your car wraps less effective. Not only can rust make your car wraps less visually appealing, but it can also lead to repairs that cut into your company’s profits.

3. Wax the exterior to keep it looking as good as new

You need to make sure that your car’s exterior is always sparkling clean and fresh, and one great way to do this is waxing the car’s exterior. Not only is it possible to wax your car yourself, but you can also get your vehicle professionally waxed and cleaned. This can be a great way to ensure that your car wrap always looks as good as new.

4. Make sure your wrap fits properly

Making sure that your car wrap fits properly will prevent wrinkles and bumps from forming on it. Bumps and wrinkles can severely detract from the appearance of car wraps, and it can give your car a sloppy appearance. This can make potential customers less likely to hire you or buy your products.