Want to make your vehicle wraps more effective? Then you need to think outside of the box; it’s not enough to slap a logo and some color on and call it a day. Try these four tips to crank up your ROI:

1. Narrow your focus

The best thing you can do with your car wraps to improve your ROI isn’t some clever trick or manipulation, but a simple increase in focus. By building your wraps to grab the attention of a specific group you know makes for great high-value prospects, you’ll greatly improve the amount of money you make from your advertising. A wrap that everyone notices but no one really cares about simply can’t make you that sort of profit.

2. Leverage QR codes and other tech

If you’re looking at an audience that engages with modern tech to a significant degree, make sure you’re taking advantage of that. A big QR code splashed across the hood of a car or side panel of a truck or van can be a great way to get people interested in what you have to say. You can send them to video ads, coupons, or just your basic website. The sky’s the limit. For a less tech-savvy audience, it still might be worthwhile putting your Twitter handle, web URL, and other information on there.

3. Work with specialists

Get a graphic designer to help you come up with an effective design. Work with an advertising copywriter to figure out how to phrase things. It’s involves a bit more investment on the front end, but the difference between strong content and weak content for your car wraps can mean the difference between failure and wild success. Invest in good ads, and you’ll be glad.

4. Layered promotion

Don’t leave your wrapped vehicles out there to promote on their own; adding a layer to your promotions can give a massive boost in efficiency. For example, put out the word on social media that your vehicles have special codes or colors that will get them special deals. That gets people looking, talking and interacting in a way they otherwise might not. It’s especially potent in getting existing customers super excited!