Car wraps offer a lot of marketing potential for a savvy advertiser, but you need to avoid certain common mistakes to see that potential realized. These five mistakes make up a huge portion of the errors first timers see when marketing via car wraps; avoid them, and you’ll be well on your way to a superior return on your investment.

1) Too much going on

People don’t have time to look at a car and see everything going on, so keep it simple. That means simple graphic design, no walls of text. Keep to the point and make it easy to find what matters.

2) Weak contrast

Contrast matters immensely with any advertisement that’s going to be seen in motion or at a distance. Make sure elements stand out from one another clearly, to improve visibility under poor circumstances. Be especially considerate of text and its background.

3) Illegible text

Think about who needs to see the text on your wrap, and at what distance. Then do your homework on viewing distances and make your font accordingly big. Packing in more content doesn’t mean anything if no one can read it. If you need to get more content in, at the very least headline it with something big and interesting, so your audience knows to pay attention when they get closer.

4) Toothless CTAs

It should be easy and tempting to take action after seeing your car in the wild. That means putting phone numbers, email addresses, websites, Twitter handles and QR codes – whatever you think is going to be easiest for your target audience to act upon. And there should be a reason to act, not just a number and a hope.

5) Boring content

If it feels like you’re doing it ‘like everyone else’, you may have already made a mistake. Don’t become background noise; make your car interesting in one way or another. Good graphics, exceptional ad copy, a particularly tempting offer, or a unique CTA can mean the difference between failure and success.

These five problems aren’t the only problems you might run into, of course, but by avoiding them you greatly enhance your chance of a winner.