Car wraps can be the perfect advertising method for your business — whether you’re trying to spread brand awareness or bring in more customers. By just driving your car, you’ll expose your brand to thousands of potential customers. We see car wraps every day, but we unfortunately also see poorly designed car wraps. These poorly designed car wraps can hurt your brand because they won’t be exhibiting your brand’s message as best as it can. Here are 5 tips for designing the perfect car wrap.

1. Use your print shop template

Most print shops will have a car wrap template and you’ll achieve the best results if you use it. However, if you have created, designed or purchased your own template, send it to your local printer to see if they can work with it. This will save you time and money down the road.

2. Identify your car’s problem areas

All cars have problem areas for car wraps — whether it’s a curve or a bend. Make sure to work with your printer from the outset to identify these areas and ensure they have a plan on how to handle them.

3. Using the right colors

Make sure to use colors that make your design pop so you can catch the eye of potential customers or clients. Too often people use black and white or dull colors that don’t stand out, and they lose out on business this way.

4. Use layers

When designing your car wrap, make sure to use layers in your design software. This will isolate your design features so they are produced as an overlay. Overall, layers will enhance the design — especially if you have to tweak the design later.

5. Exercise creative freedom!

Like we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of car wraps out there, so be creative with your design. Use bright colors that pop and a logo that is professionally designed to stand out among other cars with wraps. If you can’t design the wrap yourself, hire a professional to do so. Even though this will cost money, it will save you money on any revisions in the future.