Car wraps have been around for years now – from vans to buses and even planes, wrapping vehicles has become as commonplace as billboards or magazine adverts. If you want your advertising to stand out from the crowd when it comes to vehicle wrapping, here are just a few options you can try:

Think bright

The bolder, the better! To make your wrap stand out from the crowd, don’t be afraid to use bright colours that catch the attention of others, and remind them of your brand wherever they go. Choosing vibrant colours is a great way to get your message across for any business, but is especially crucial for brands aimed at younger audiences.

Get clever

Utilise visual puns or gags to make your wraps memorable; a smart advertising campaign goes a lot further than one that just states the benefits or visuals of your business. Get creative with ways to show off your brand by using plays on words or taking advantage of placements.

Go big

A half wrap or sticker placement has nothing on a full-vehicle wrap when it comes to making an impact; so when you can, it’s worth going big with your advertising. Consider whole bus wraps, cars or even van wraps for your whole fleet to make the most of the surface area you have.

Make it easy to understand

Ensure that your branding is the first thing that comes across from your advertising. When working with moving vehicles, it can be a struggle to get viewers to understand your advertising in just a few seconds, so ensure that whatever you’re trying to say, you can get the point across in only a few seconds.

Power in numbers

A fleet of vehicles is better than one – and what better way to get your branding out there than having it all over the town or city? Utilising taxi cabs or other public transport systems in bulk can provide the perfect moving billboard that will stretch to every corner of your demographic with ease.

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