Car wraps are a great way to advertise a business, event, or anything else, but that’s contingent on getting it right. These five tips should help make your endeavors with car wraps a near-guaranteed success.

1. Focus on a particular audience

As with all marketing, trying to please everyone is going to please no one. Think carefully about the most valuable audience you might appeal to with a car wrap, then focus on making the best possible appeal to that group. It may overlap with other groups, or your ideal car wrap may be simple enough that it doesn’t matter too much, but it’s important to start with the right target in mind nonetheless.

2. Make it as easy as possible to take action

Put all the appropriate contact information in big, easy to read letters. Consider using QR codes as well, for an even easier way for certain tech-savvier users to get to your site or whatever other content you might have waiting. Websites, phone numbers, email addresses, all if ot should be available—there’s no reason not to have it.

3. Use your wraps as part of a multi-channel push

Don’t forget to make your car wraps a part of your overarching campaign, rather than some strange disconnected afterthought. A social media campaign asking fans or customers to ‘spot the car’ can really crank up the efficiency of your car wrap, by getting people who you’ve already got the attention of telling their friends about your car. You also don’t want to send a contradictory message on your wrap.

4. Consider paying for graphic design and copy

Good design and copy makes all the difference. If you have even a sliver of doubt about your skills in either arena, hire a professional—it’s well worth the investment.

5. Collect data and adjust

Make sure you ask customers if they saw your car and what they thought. The more data you can collect on the way your car wrap works—or doesn’t—the better you can make it next time. Don’t settle on a design and campaign and leave it; work to always be better.