Want to avoid having your car wrap advertisements turn into a waste of money? Avoid these five mistakes, and you’ll see far better results from any wraps you put on your car or fleet.

No attention-grabber

First and foremost, an ad needs to grab the attention of passersby. For a car wrap, that means good graphics, flashy colors, or a headline of some sort that no one can ignore. Without something to grab attention in the first place, nothing else you put on your wrap matters.

Unclear service

If you don’t make it clear what you’re all about with your car wrap, it isn’t going to do you any good. The faster you make your service or product clear, the better, because most people who see your wrap aren’t going to look at every detail unless they’re already interested.

Low-quality graphics

Bad graphics don’t just weaken the impact of your ad, they can damage the perception of your company with people who already know about it. Bad graphics make your company look unprofessional—not a perception you want, no matter what your business may be.

Small text

Even people with excellent eyesight can only read small text from so far away. Make sure you’re putting all the important pieces of information at a large enough size to be visible from a good distance. The exact size and distance to aim for will depend on who you expect to be looking at your car wraps; is the advertisement meant to be seen in traffic on city roads, on highway roads, or at rest up close in a parking lot? It makes a big difference!

No call-to-action

An ad without a call to action isn’t much of an ad. Make sure you give people who see your wrap something to do and a reason to do it—a phone number to call, a social media account to follow, an email address to message, or a QR code to scan. Offering a special deal if they mention seeing the car or use a code from the wrap can work wonders.

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