Wonder what makes car wraps great? We’ve compiled a list of seven traits common to the best, most effective car and van wrap advertisements:

1) Clean design

It’s tempting to make a car wrap wacky and busy, but put that impulse aside. You don’t want to turn your company truck into a NASCAR-style wall of graphics and logos. You want people to be able to tell what you’re advertising at a glance, see any relevant text or graphics quickly, and file the information away.

2) Precise targeting

Any advertisement should be built with a particular goal in mind, which in turn means a particular audience. Don’t try to make a catch-all advertisement that works for literally any viewer — it results in something flavorless, bland, and ineffective. Think of your market segments, figure out which one or set you need to target, and build for them. Losing efficiency in some areas is fine if you get strong results from key groups.

3) On-brand

A car wrap that warps or distorts your brand isn’t worth putting out in the wild. Make sure you don’t lose the thread of your image as you put together your wrap design; it’s not enough to grab attention, you need to grab attention in the right way.

4) Easy to read

Visibility should be a high priority for any advertisement, especially one that might be seen at a distance or in motion. Contrast, large text, simple graphics, combined with the clean design we talked about earlier, will make your wraps far more effective.

5) Call for action

Your advertisement should do more than exist. Make sure you’re asking the people who see the wrap to do something; ask them for a call, a visit, a text message — anything. If they act, even to a minor degree, they’re more likely to spend money later.

6) Reinforced by a campaign

Want to see your car wrap really take off? Make noise about it on social media and other channels, and give your existing customers a reason to pay attention and tell people to look for it. Special deals and contests can work wonders.

7) Implement modern tools

Don’t settle for a phone number or an address; add websites, social media handles, and QR code redirects to your wrap for a modern edge.