Car wraps are the large or small vinyl decals you see on vehicles advertising businesses. They can be just on the door or take up the car’s entire body. Most businesses at one point or another have considered getting their vehicles wrapped, even very small businesses. But is it a good idea? Are you going to get a decent return on your investment?

The answer is yes. In fact, the OAAA, or Outdoor Advertising Association of America, has gone as far as to say that car wraps are one of if not the most efficient form of outdoor advertising. There are several good reasons why.

No maintenance cost

Of course, at some point, they are going to degrade and need to be replaced. Generally, though, a car wrap will last from five to seven years. Meaning you’ll get years of use out of it before you even need to think about it.

They’re inexpensive. Especially compared to other outdoor advertising

A car wrap will only run you from $1000-$3000 depending on how large and intricate a design you want. While that is not a small amount of money it’s certainly a lot less than something like a billboard. A billboard in Boston can run anywhere from $11 000-$23 000 for four weeks. San Diego is not much better at $8 400-$15 000 per four weeks. Keep in mind that’s just four weeks. If you were to get a cheap billboard in San Diego for the minimum five years a wrap will last that would cost over half a million dollars. Even a bus ad could run you $20,000 easy for the same amount of time.

When you break those numbers down you’re reaching 1000 people for four to seventy-seven cents with the wrap. Compare that to any other form of advertising you want and you’ll likely find it’s the cheapest. To reach the same number of people through TV, for example, would cost almost twelve dollars.

They’re memorable

Because you have the freedom to add what you want and the wrap will stand out when positioned next to other cars, wraps are ranked amongst the most memorable type of advertising there is. This means that the already low cost per thousand gives you an even better bang for your buck.

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