There was once a day when you would have to pay $60,000 or more to get a fully customized paint job, and that was dependent on if you could find an artist skilled enough to do the job well. Those days are long gone with the affordability of wrapping your car. There are some more positives to getting your car wrapped versus getting your car painted.

Why choose a car wrap vs paint?

Already have a good paint job but want to change up the look of your car without the commitment paint brings with it? Wrapping your car will keep your existing paint looking as good as the day you wrapped it while giving you the change and look that you desire. From chrome dipped to dragon flames, car wraps can make your car’s design limitless. On the flip side, if you get tired of your design, it is easier to remove vinyl and change the look than sanding paint off to apply more paint layers. Your time is almost cut in half.

Car wrap cost

The gap in cost to paint your car versus wrapping your car is substantial. A wrap job can often be around half the price of what a good paint job would cost. As mentioned before, a full custom job can reach $60,000 or more depending on the artist. The same design in a car wrap would be a fraction of the cost.


Tired of having to wax your car continuously? Wrapping your car saves you from having to put that extra elbow grease in with your car wash. The average life expectancy of a car wrap with the ability to remove it is around five years with good maintenance. Advertise your business or just make your car look unlike any other car on the highway. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to wrapping your car.

Make the dream design for your car a reality today! Contact us at Carwraps.com today, or come into one of our two Los Angeles locations.

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