Are you operating on a low budget? Or perhaps you can’t afford the thousands of dollars required to adequately market your business online? Either way, you’re in luck because you can still achieve your desired results simply by using car wrap advertising.

Here are three ways car wrap ads trump online marketing and can guarantee you a higher return on investment.

1. Car wraps net more impressions at a lower price

A single vehicle covered in brilliantly polished ads can attract tens of thousands of views on a daily basis. Your business can easily reach millions of potential customers in just a few weeks using just a handful of cars. You only have to spend money on the wraps and the drivers to hit such huge numbers. As a result, the overall advertising cost is significantly less compared to online marketing.

Also, because the wraps have unique and colorful designs, and the messages are often quite short and clear, they are often very memorable. As such, they can easily be recalled by consumers, especially when they need your business services.

2. It’s easier to reach your target audience

Once you determine the areas and places your target audience likes to visit you can begin marketing to this audience strategically using car wraps. For example, if you’re selling an energy drink that’s suited for young adults you can easily focus your promotions on areas with lots of high schools and universities.

The captivating and non-intrusive nature of the marketing also makes the recipients more likely to have a positive response to your brand. Contrast this to the multiple intrusive ads on online videos or the irritating pop-ups and banners on websites. It’s a no-contest.

3. Long-lasting results

Car wraps present a unique opportunity for you to market your business all year round. You can easily partner with cab and bus companies to bear your business logo and message in exchange for a fixed sum. In return, your business gets exposure throughout which leads to a much higher ROI in the long term.

Contrast this to online marketing which can be quite costly. Most small businesses only use it sparingly when they’re confident they can easily cover the advertising costs.

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