Car wraps, when leveraged correctly, are a great way to advertise your business, increase brand awareness, and improve sales. However, if it’s your first time having your vehicle wrapped, you are bound to make mistakes that can affect your vehicle wrap.

For example, if you hire any vehicle wrap installer, they will perform a shoddy job resulting in your car wrap design looking unattractive and difficult to read. Here are some dos and don’ts that can help you ensure your vehicle wrap is done correctly and lasts long.


1. Maintain your vinyl wrap

A car wrap should not be installed and forgotten. Proper care and maintenance is a must to increase its longevity and prevent fading or discoloration. For instance, don’t use mechanical brushes when cleaning as they will chip off your wrap.

In case of any spills, clean them immediately with mild detergent and water to prevent staining and also ask your wrap installer for cleaning detergents you can use.

2. Go bold

If your vehicle will be in motion most of the time, it’s wise to go for a bold graphic design to guarantee clarity. Going bold also ensures your design can be noticed from miles away.

3. Consider your brand message

Since your car wrap is a form of mobile billboard advertising, it should relay your brand message and what it offers. When people see your car, they will remember the information they see, thus, take extra time to get your brand message clear and straight.


1. Overcrowd

While getting your message across to your audience is essential, you should never have too much ad copy in your vehicle wrap design. This is because consumers won’t be able to read your message when your car is in motion, causing confusion.

Always keep your copy minimal by including one tag line and contact information.

2. Rush

Avoid rushing your car wrapping since it may lead to making more mistakes that will take time and money to rectify.

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