A few years back, matte black exploded into the scene and became the hottest car wrap trend. Its unique matte look sets it apart from the rather common glossy finish of car paint. When chrome was introduced, it rivaled with matte black wrap in popularity. Celebrities such as Flo-Rida, Justin Bieber have used chrome to create a striking finish to their vehicles.

Matte Black Vs. Chrome

Matte black has not lost its flare. However, instead of the usual matte material, car enthusiasts prefer carbon fiber material nowadays as it provides the same matte finish to a vehicle, only that it looks more elegant. It is basically made of woven graphite fibers baked in high-tensile perfection. This same material was used in fighter jets and aerospace rockets, but it has since evolved and today we see them being used in car bodies, sunglasses, bikes and many more.

Aside from the performance benefits of carbon fiber, it also creates an interesting effect on the design. This textured black finish screams “technology” and looks very attractive when used to wrap a vehicle.

But will chrome overtake matte black as the most popular vehicle wrap finish this 2015? Or is it just a fad that will die away for its lack of classic appeal?

Chrome has been reported to be very difficult to install, and rumor has it that 3M is pulling out its chrome product from the market until a more reliable one is manufactured. One problem with chrome is that when it is heated, it tends to lose its luster. Installing it around curves, which requires heat to make the product stick to the car body, kills its reflective character.

3M will certainly be able to improve the durability and quality of their product, but the question is: Will chrome stay as popular or is it just a temporary craze? Many people would argue that chrome as a car wrap is tasteless and way over the top. Many others, however, think that chrome provides an elegant look to a rather dull and boring vehicle.

As technology evolves, we expect to see colors and product finishes changing as well. It’s only a matter of time before chrome finds its way to more and more vehicles on the road.

Vehicle Wrap Installation

If you are interested in having a matte black wrap or chrome finish for your car, then you are in the right place! Just look at this matte black finish we installed for a BMW car and this beautiful matte black Lamborghini that we wrapped for another client. Here at Car Wraps, we have installed all types of vehicle wraps for hundreds of clients. We do our work on-site so you may visit us and see the vehicle wraps we are currently working on.