Often we get calls and visits from people that have certain questions and expectations about car wraps. While usually, these expectations are positive excitement about the marketing possibilities of a vehicle wrap, once and a while there are concerns. More often than not, these concerns are myths that can be easily busted with some quick explanation and education.

Here are some common myths about car wraps:

Wrapping a leased vehicle is a no-no

In fact, the complete opposite is true. Most companies that look to vehicle wraps to boost their marketing efforts lease the vehicles in their fleet. Since leased vehicles have factory paint jobs, vinyls can be removed easily leaving no residue or damage. It’s not uncommon for new vehicles leased for marketing purposes to be brought directly to our facility for an immediate wrap. It’s important, however, to always check your lease agreement before wrapping your vehicle.

Vehicle wraps will cause damage to your car’s paint

This is one of the biggest myths we hear, and people are often surprised when we tell them that their new vehicle wrap will protect your vehicle’s paint. A vehicle wrap can protect your car’s paint from UV exposure, abrasions from dirt or other elements. It’s important always to have your vehicle’s paint inspected before a car wrap, as an area where the paint is already damaged could prove to be challenging if the wrap is ever removed. If your wrap is ever removed in the future, make sure extra care is always taken around that area.

It’s impossible to remove a car wrap

What’s a good vehicle wrap if it can’t be removed? In fact, car wraps are specifically designed for easy removal. Most reputable vinyl manufacturers spend millions of dollars on design and research on creating materials that can be easily removed, leaving little to no residue. Their claims are backed up by strong warranties that protect the consumer.

If you have any questions, concerns, or a great idea for how to use your vehicle to advertise your company, contact Car Wraps today. Our vehicle wrapping experts will guide you through the process and offer knowledge and experience. Call 855-947-0909 for more details.