There are a lot of myths out there about vehicle wraps. For instance, most people believe that car wraps are a waste of time and money. Others say that they’re only for the rich and famous. However, these myths are far from the truth and are misleading, making people miss out on an excellent opportunity to improve the condition of their vehicles.

Here are a few myths about car wraps that you might be thinking about or might have heard of.

Car wraps can damage your vehicle

This is untrue. As long as you wait at least three months after painting your vehicle to apply a wrap, it won’t cause any damage. A car wrap actually plays a preventative role against fading caused by damaging UV radiation, sand, and dirt. This is because it provides an additional layer between your vehicle’s paint and the outside environment. Moreover, the wrap adds color and style to your car, making it look better.

Anyone can wrap a car

Anyone can indeed install a car wrap for you, but how effective will it be? The car’s appearance after installing a wrap is determined by factors like the level of competence in the work of the installer and the wrapping material they use. Hence, licensed installers should be the option for you as they use higher-quality materials. Additionally, they offer advisory services which can help you choose the color and brand that best suits your preferred aesthetic.

Wraps aid in hiding dents and scratches

Significant dents and scratches will still be visible even with a car wrap. These wraps can only assist in concealing paint variances and minor scratches, as the wrap’s goal is that it will blend perfectly with the surface of your vehicle’s body. In fact, large dents are likely to be more visible on a fresh surface. As a result, ensure you fix such problems before booking an appointment for a vehicle wrap installation.

Wraps last for a few weeks and then start to wear off

The usual lifetime of a car wrap is roughly five to seven years under normal circumstances. However, some factors may affect this lifespan, such as the method used to put the wrap on and the material used. Failing to use the right materials may cause the wrap to wear out sooner. Hence, ensure you seek the services of professional wrappers.