When you are looking to promote your business, you’ll know full well that there are a wide range of advertising options open to you. Let’s take, as an example, a campaign to reach a specific part of the city – say the suburbs where your services are most likely to be required and used.

Taking a single roll of the dice

If you decide to use a direct mail campaign or a leaflet drop, then this is comparable to taking a single roll of the dice in a casino. You might get lucky, but once it’s done, it’s over. There are no second chances; you have to invest again if you want another shot at the jackpot.

This is the case with the forms of advertising mentioned above. Yes, there will be some response, but it is hit or miss whether that one-time investment in a message is going to provide any lasting benefit.

Offering a regular view

This is where we arrive at a key benefit of a van wrap. Imagine if your leaflet drop was repeated, day after day, week after week, for as long as you wanted it to happen. Well, the costs and logistics to that idea are utterly prohibitive – even if your visibility to potential customers improved.

Viewing your van wrap

You would gain a much better response through the use of van wraps. As your delivery or service vehicles follow their daily routes, or make countless journeys throughout your target area, potential customers are exposed to your message time and again. And unlike leaflets, for example, your messages don’t get instantly consigned to the trash, stuck in the hedge, or trodden underfoot on the sidewalk or driveway!

A less angst-producing promotion

Direct mail can gain a negative reaction, seeming to intrude in an unwanted way in the life of someone who receives it. Same for a flyer left on the windshield! Van wraps are often unobtrusively noticed – even sub-consciously – and your company’s name and purpose slowly become embedded in the minds of potential customers.

To find out more about this repeated way of delivering your promotional message to the public, talk to our talented team at carwraps.com.