If we provide wraps for recreational vehicles is a question that our Car Wraps team members are asked from time to time. Much of our work is for business clients in and around Los Angeles as we provide truck, van, bus, and complete fleet wraps – you are likely to have spotted our clients in many different locations. But, that’s business. Regarding private wrap jobs…

The answer is YES we certainly do!

Some of the most creative vehicle graphics jobs we’ve ever done have been for private clients. We’re often contacted by someone who has a unique idea in their mind. Our designers work with them to turn it into a stunning reality.

So many possibilities

So, who might ask us to provide a unique wrap for them? Well, how about up-and-coming bands with their own mini-tour bus? Or the same for a local kids’ sports club or special interest society? Then there are those who have a craft to take out on the water – and want it to look great from the shore. Motor bikes for sand or dirt racing can both stand out and help promote the business of a kind sponsor. It’s also not unknown for those who love to spend time in their home-from-home RV to want a unique design wrapped around them on their journeys!

More than just eye-catching designs

Our vehicle wraps offer more than just that stunning, colorful image. By the way, unlike expensive paint jobs, you can see your idea in a stunning 3D rendering before giving the go-ahead. And it’s a much simpler and swifter process than that alternative. The vinyl also offers a good layer of protection against the minor dents, scratches, or dings that any vehicle can fall victim to.

If you are one of those people who like to change things around, removing one wrap and replacing it with a brand new idea is again much faster and cheaper than undertaking a complete paint job.

What would you like wrapped?

So, no matter your vehicle, our talented carwraps.com team is ready to transform it for you. For more info, give us a call on either 323 464 4828 or 323 464 8357 right now…