Whether you’re self employed and run your own business or you want to expand exposure for your current company, vehicle wraps offer a great way to interact with customers wherever you drive. Whether on the highway, sitting around in traffic or stopped at a street light, pedestrians, drivers and anyone else on the road will see your advertisement. Over time, it is far more financially beneficial than paying for a television spot or print advertisement, plus you can move the ad to where your key demographic is. Often it’s necessary to stretch your advertising budget. The car wrap makes all of this possible.

Show off like a business card

A major problem some business owners run into is trying to cram too much information on to the wrap. The fact of the matter is most people who see the ads are drivers (usually) and they can’t spend 20 seconds reading everything posted on the wrap. Instead, you need to offer a basic name of your company, contact information and what the service does. Whether this is through an image, text and image or just text, you can work with the car wrap pros to determine this, but whatever you decide on, keep it simple.

Easy contact information

A vehicle wrap covers an entire vehicle (or at least part of a vehicle, depending on the style of wrap you go with). Be mindful of the panels and bends in the vehicle. You don’t want important information to run off from one side of the vehicle to the next. If someone is driving alongside you and have taken notice of your information, the last thing you want is for the phone number to run from the side to the back. They won’t be able to obtain the phone number or your business name. This poor design can cost you business. Instead, keep every side of the vehicle separate and offer up contact and business information on every side. This way, people don’t need to walk or drive around the vehicle for your business details, which isn’t likely to happen.