Our team are always happy to talk potential users through the process of adding high-quality car wraps to their vehicles. Here are four questions we are regularly asked at this time…

– Can any design be used on any vehicle?

Ideally, the answer to this is no. Our length of experience has shown us that certain designs won’t look their best on the specific vehicles a client might be wishing to have wrapped. It’s important to take into account both vehicle size and body shape. In this way, the designs used will present that company or organization to best effect with a custom-designed wrap.

– Can an idea I have be adapted to fit as a vehicle wrap?

The answer to this one is in the affirmative. Our team are happy to use any designs (with regard to the previous point) and craft a car wrap in that style. Equally, many clients approach us without having a particular design in mind. In such cases, our talented Car Wraps ream are happy to work with them to create a stunning design to be added to their vehicles. We can also work with a color palette that is specific to those associated with the client’s business or organization.

– Do I see a preview of the finished wrap?

We are happy to provide our clients with such a preview. Clients can view both final proofs and mock-ups; and give us the approval to go ahead when they are happy with the wrap. Only then do we send the project into the printing process.

– Is it difficult to change the wrap in the future?

This is often a key concern for potential users of car wraps for company promotion. If designs are painted to a vehicle, this can then be costly and time consuming to change. The good news is that, with car wraps, the current one can be removed and swiftly replaced with the new design.

So, if you are considering using car, van, truck or bus wraps to promote your company or organization, we are always happy to discuss your needs – obligation-free of course. Please contact our highly creative and extremely experienced team now for that valuable chat.