As you drove around Los Angeles for work today, what vehicle caught your eye? Was it the shiny car fresh out of the carwash, or was it the expensive sports car? Perhaps the answer was neither – it was the work van that had a custom van wrap. If you have considered ordering a car wrap for your company vehicle, there are four things you should consider as you prepare to talk to a designer.

Car wrap designers are experts who will work with you closely through the process, from brainstorming ideas to wrapping the vehicle. You can rely on your designer to create compelling, eye-catching vehicle graphics – but where do you even begin? Start with the following:

1. Your budget

The costs for your car wraps can depend on the size and number of fleet vehicles, the complexity of the design, and the wrap coverage. Your designer will work with you to help you get the most out of your budget.

2. Your target customer

Your car wrap must be designed to make an impression on your target customer. Their design preferences can depend on their age, style, and even their sense of humor. After all, who sees your wrap is just as important as what it says.

3. Your logo

Your company’s logo will likely be a focal point of your car wrap. If you believe your logo needs an update, a car wrap can be a great way to debut a new one. Your designer can even work with you to update your logo.

4. Your call to action

Your car wrap will likely be designed not just to raise awareness of your business but to get people to take action. If you want people to call your office or visit your website because of your car wrap, you will want to be sure that the phone is answered and your website is up to date. Consider updating your phone intake process and your website in conjunction with your new vehicle wrap.

Marketing your business requires a holistic approach, and eye-catching vehicle graphics and fleet wraps can be a centerpiece of your customer engagement and marketing efforts.