Car wraps offer an excellent opportunity for small business owners to instantly draw eyes to their company. The driving billboard shows off a brand wherever it goes, and in terms of investment in marketing, it is tough to beat. However, there are some important questions anyone should ask ahead of going through the process. Here are some answers for these important questions.

Is the wrap glued on?

A vinyl car wrap comes off a roll with a backing that peels off, so it is similar to a sticker. However, the sticker does not tarnish or damage the paint (unlike a bumper sticker). This is designed to give a smooth appearance.

Some other materials are used that are heat-shrink based. This means the car wrap has a baggy fit but then heat is applied in order to secure the connection. Usually the vinyl offering is the way to go in terms of providing perfect imagery, but depending on what is required, there are different application methods available.

Is it permanent?

No. While it is possible to remove the car wrap whenever someone might want, most vinyl wraps have a life span of around five years or so – not bad for a one time advertising investment.

Can the wrap cover up rust and chips?

No, that is not what it is used for. Due to the very thin nature of the material, the rust and chips will likely shine through (although it may depend on the location of the rust and the color placed on the wrap). That is why it is important to correct any of these blemishes before having the wrap applied to the vehicle.

Will a wrap affect an insurance premium?

This ultimately is down to the insurance provider, so it is not possible to answer directly. For anyone who is concerned about their insurance rate changing, they should contact the provider to see. It doesn’t alter the way the vehicle runs or affect the safety of the car, so generally it shouldn’t, but it is good practice to double check.