If you are considering an advertisement for your business, look no further than bus wraps. Bus wraps are a form of advertisement that has been utilized for many years. It is dynamic due to improved design and advertising and entails turning the exterior of a bus into a mobile billboard.

Why consider bus wraps?

There are numerous benefits for using bus wraps including the fact that they will be visible to a large number of people. A large percentage of the US population spends over two hours on the road every day which means that many people will see your advertisement. Considering that this form of advertising is cheaper than conventional billboards, print, TV, and radio, it is pretty effective!

What is the estimated cost of a bus wrap and who makes them?

Bus wrap costs depend on the coverage and design of the artwork. A bus wrap covering the sides can cost about $8,000 while one covering an entire bus can cost about $12,000. This price is inclusive of the costs of installing and uninstalling the wraps.

Bus wrap designing is done by qualified individuals. There are varying templates used in bus wraps due to differences in bus models. The team that actualizes a bus wrap design for a customer includes a graphic designer that creates a custom brand design. This initial design is then presented to the customer, who makes alterations and recommendations on the messaging and presentation.

How long does the bus wrapping take?

Bus wraps are created with vinyl and installed by experts to prevent against damaging the bus’ paint job. The entire process takes about a month from securing the right type and model of bus, making measurements, creating an accurate design, and installing it.

What are some of the types of bus wraps?

Bus wraps types are based on the area they cover. They include:

• Full Wrap
• Half Wrap
• Full Ribbon
• Half Ribbon
• Queen Kong
• King Kong
• Back Cap.

Contact a qualified bus wrap company to learn more about the types of bus wraps, costs, the process of installation, and benefits. If you want to increase your brand visibility in a particular locality, consider bus wraps as an option.

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