Nothing beats vinyl vehicle wraps when it comes to promoting your brand anywhere, anytime. Attractive vehicle wraps generate the interest of customers and make a lasting impression – they’re hard to miss. A quality wrap lasts for as long as five years and if you are seeking a business advertising tool on a budget, vehicle wraps are your perfect choice, because they are more affordable than other advertising tools, such as commercials and billboards. Vehicle wraps can be done in either full or partial wraps.

Full vehicle wraps

With full vehicle wraps, vinyl graphics are applied to every exterior of the vehicle, including sides, rear, hood and, if permitted by the law, windows. However, full wraps on larger vehicles, such as cargo vans, do not include the roof.

Partial vehicle wraps

Partial vehicle wraps are applied to just a portion of the truck, trailer or car. Usually, partial wraps involve art on the rear of the vehicle, partially up the sides, and on the hood. Some business owners always have reservations about partial vehicle wraps as they can look unfinished. However, this is not the case with excellent artwork. You should know that partial vehicle wraps are carefully designed so that there is an almost unnoticeable transition between your vehicle’s paint and the vinyl.

Which is better?

With vehicle wraps, both full and partial are good choices; both are very efficient tools for telling your brand’s story and gaining prospects, though both have unique perks.

Partial wraps are cheaper than full wraps, and you will have the chance of changing your marketing messages periodically to help in the advertisement of special events or promotions. Additionally, if you do not want to change the color of your vehicle, partial vehicle wraps are your best choice. A full wrap, on the other hand, turns your car into a mobile billboard for your business, and the laminated vinyl is a perfect protectant for your paint job.

Whether you choose partial vehicle wraps or full, visit us at carwraps.com today and we will help you take your brand to the streets!