In advertising, three is the magic number. It takes a customer seeing a message three times to notice and remember it. Getting that message to the public enough times for them to remember it can be an expensive prospect, however, only when using traditional advertising like TV commercials and billboards.

What advertising really accomplishes for a local business these days is to create word of mouth. With so many options locally as well as online, you need people talking about your business to build a name. Your brand depends on it. With a car wrap, you can do that over the time you drive, and only pay once for the wrap.

Photos of Your Car Wraps

Today, virtually everyone has a smartphone with a camera integrated. This is a fleet of locals who are ready to take photos of your vehicle graphics and spread them to others. Those photos can be quickly texted to friends and family members who may be interested in your business. They can also be posted to social media with just a click or two.

As more people see your vehicle graphics and send them to others, the number of views your information gets grows exponentially. Getting that word of mouth may start slowly, but it never ends. For that one-time investment, the advertising continues long after a TV commercial has been forgotten and a billboard had changed.

Building Your Brand

A car wrap is an ideal space to start building your brand with local customers. Not only does it make it easy to contact you, it introduces your logo and motto to the public. Potential customers see immediately who you are and what you do, and they see that you’re local to the community. For many customers, that’s just what they’re looking for, and they’ll spread the word about what they saw.

Every time someone sees your car wrap, it builds your brand more solidly in the customer’s mind. You don’t have to hope for those three views that build awareness in the public. Your message may be seen many dozens of times, solidifying your company’s name in the community.

Give us a call today to find out how you could get a car wrap that spreads word of mouth for your company.