Vehicle graphics are an effective marketing trend that small businesses can take advantage of to improve their marketing strategy. Custmised vehicle graphics give small businesses a competitive advantage over larger franchises and companies with fleet wraps, while improving marketing, saving money, and expanding audience reach. In fact, around 95% of Americans are exposed to vehicle graphics because they spend an average of 15 hours a week riding in or driving vehicles.

Marketing strategy

Vehicle graphics for small businesses can legitimize their businesses, as wraps can make their logo and brand more visible to consumers. It is a passive way to advertise and improve their branding and logo exposure. Vehicles are transformed into billboards and how many people see it depends on the number of vehicles and the amount of time each spends on the road.


The initial investment in vehicle graphics is a fraction of the cost compared with other advertising options. While there is no way to measure the return on investment, there are some tips to help small businesses calculate the return. Use a different phone number, website, or discount only advertised on the vehicle graphics and track the activity. This information can be used to determine how effective the vehicle graphic is and to track how many people it reached.

Expand audience reach

Compared to other forms of advertising, vehicle graphics reach more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions. Mobile advertising reaches a wider audience and small business owners can see an immediate effect of the advertising, as most customers would react soon after seeing the vehicle graphic. Online businesses can increase their local reach with car wraps, by simply including their web address or email on the wrap. Even in less populated areas, vehicle graphics generate thousands of impressions every day.

By using colorful and creative graphics, it is easy to grab people’s attention. Vehicle graphics are easy to remove when it is time to replace them and are dual purpose because they protect the vehicle also. So they can even increase the resale value of vehicles and are easy to remove if damaged.

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