The idea of earning money just by driving your car is appealing to many people. It is not just an idea but a reality to many Americans that make money by signing up for car wrap agreements. The process involves having your vehicle covered in brand advertising and getting paid on a weekly or monthly basis. It means that your car ends up being a mobile billboard for the selected brand.

The advertisers are interested in van wraps, bus wraps, truck wraps and even fleet wraps. Due to the appeal of the business opportunity, many drivers apply for consideration to the various Los Angeles car wrap companies. As a result of the stiff competition, not everyone that applies gets a chance to have their car covered in an advert.

How vehicle wrap arrangements work

In case you wish to increase your chances of being picked for the car wrap, you need to understand how the agreements work. For starters, the driver has to be an adult of at least 16 years old. Car wrapping firms are concerned about safeguarding their advertisement. It is for this reason they prefer drivers that have not committed any traffic offences for at least one year prior to the application.

Once you catch the attention of a company involved in the business, you can expect them to make inquiries regarding where you live and the average number of miles you drive in a week. Some vehicle wrap firms insist that you have to be employed to ensure that you drive your car every day. In some cases, car wrap companies install a tracker in your car to monitor the mileage you cover each day.

After you both come to an agreement about the details of the car wrap project, you can avail your car to have the decal installed. It is important to note that you have a say in the type of decal placed on your car.

Following the placement of the decal, you do not have to alter your daily routine and your earnings will depend on the type of exposure you get. If you drive the car within the city of Los Angeles, you are likely to earn more than drivers of vehicles located in low traffic areas.

If you follow the above steps, you can earn a substantial amount of cash while going about your daily activities.