If you run a business, it’s obvious that you want people to know about it. Therefore, the question in the title is worth considering – and in both aspects. Vehicle wraps can help provide both the frequency and style of visibility you want.

Firstly, let’s consider how often you want to be seen. The obvious answer might be as often as possible, but with the caveat we come to later. For now, imagine that you are operating on a city, state, or even nationwide basis. Perhaps it might be to provide a delivery service – a very competitive market. Then, you’d want your vans to be both seen and noticed as often and as widely as possible, suggesting both a popularity and reliability of service. Therefore a vibrant, quickly-understood, even slightly-brash standout wrap message can keep gaining the public’s attention, and retain your front of their mind recall when they require such a service.

The same is true for a more localized service – say perhaps for electrical, plumbing or air-con services. The more often people notice your vans outside homes and businesses around their home or work area, the greater the sub-conscious message they receive that you are the go-to guys whenever a quick response is vital. If you can offer call out time limits, such as: ‘At your home within 3 hours of a fault being reported – guaranteed!’, then that can be a worthy addition to the message presented on your van wraps.

As mentioned earlier, your message might not be about frequency of appearance, but in location. Imagine, for example, you are the planner, creator, and installer of high-end, expensive, exclusive kitchens to the more expensive properties in the Los Angeles area. The importance then becomes where you are seen; outside such homes. The emphasis on this high-quality place of work should also then be matched with a style and exclusivity of wrap design that emphasizes why you are the right choice in such a location. In other words, a customized and elegant wrap can allow you to fit in to the neighborhood, rather than simply being seen as an interloper!

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