Among the most frequently asked questions in the car wrap and vehicle graphics industry, is the question of how to take care of and maintain the wrap. The fact that Carwraps adheres to the industry’s leading standards in wrap installation does not mean that we couldn’t miss a bubble or a seal on a corner. For that reason, we usually schedule complimentary cleaning for your vehicle, a month after the wrap, to address any possible issues. We make it a priority to guide you on cleaning and maintenance before you drive away.

How to wash

You can take your car to an automated brushless carwash, but a hand wash is recommended since it is more thorough and safer. Avoid brush washes since it is not gentle on the film and can result in lifted edges or peeling.

Washing frequency

There is no stipulated time that you should clean your vehicle after a wrap. Whenever it gets dirty is the best time to give it a wash. Make sure that you do not leave your truck dirty for too long because the contaminant or dirt might stick and become difficult to clean. Bird droppings and tree sap are difficult stains that ought to be cleaned immediately since they become harder to remove if left for a long time and can ruin your car wrap.

If heavily soiled

Start with a hand wash and pre-rinse with clean water from a hose. This helps to loosen up the mud and ensure that the graphics are not scratched by the grit. Thereafter, you can use mild soapy water and a soft cloth to clean your vehicle wrap from the top down. Hard water might leave behind stains, and it is advisable to dry it using a soft towel.


Parking in a garage or under a shelter can prolong the life of your vehicle wrap. UV rays exposure and rain can degrade the material. Also, ensure that you wipe any spilled gas or diesel fuel spills as soon as possible with a paper towel and clean it later.

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