If you have installed vehicle wraps and they look great, you will want them to maintain that long-lasting vibrant color. You should keep your vehicle away from possible pollutants as well as clean your wrap on a regular basis. Here is how to care for your vehicle graphics.

How to clean

You should clean your van or car wrap at least once a week or more if your vehicle is regularly exposed to lots of pollutants or dirt. Clean using a gentle automotive soap or detergent and a sponge or soft cloth and clean water. You can use a chamois or silicone squeegee to remove water and minimize water spotting. Afterwards, you can use a clean microfiber cloth to dry the vehicle. If you have time, you can leave it to dry.

Drive-through car wash

You can have your vehicle cleaned at a drive-through car wash. You should avoid pressure washing or mechanical brushing, though, since they can cause the vinyl graphics to peel or chip around the edges.

Spot cleaning

You can use isopropyl or Simple Green to clean isolated stains on your vehicle. Rinse with clean water afterward.


Keeping your vehicle graphics in great shape is as much about prevention. You should park your car in the shade, under a canopy or in a garage as much as possible. Too much sun, debris, road pollutants, rain or smog can degrade the vinyl wrap on your vehicle.

Fuel or gas spills

You should wipe fuel or gas spills immediately they occur, then wash the affected part with clean water. If you leave the spill to stay for long, it will degrade the vinyl.


Stains such as insects, tree sap and bird droppings should be cleaned immediately. If you let them stay for too long, they will become hard to clean hence damaging the vinyl permanently. You should soak the affected area with warm soapy water for the stains to loosen then rinse with clean water and dry with a microfiber cloth.


You can wax your vehicle wrap but make sure that the wax does not contain petroleum distillates. Avoid carnauba-based wax or any other type of polish, carbon fiber or wax over vinyl wrap since they cause severe damage.

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